Fortified Paintball Advance

by Ben Kaufman

Fortified Paintball Advance -- The trick is to take the cover with the greatest protection. Just because its a house doesnt mean its safe. As one of my opponents found out as I burst fired him through a hole in the bottom of the wall as my mate sam lyth stormed the one entrance and subbsequently exit. Make sure you have someone in postition to cover your retreat especially if your further forward than anyone else and more importantly make sure you have an exit. If you havnt got someone to cover you and your in a position at the front try and stay alive and help your team addvance forward. If someone is stupid anough to take cover behind your cover shoot him until he pleads. Remember to expect no mercy as he remember was trying to get you. Dont try somthing you know you cant do,if someones out of your range and your playing sniper just wait. Same goes for shooting while running. Dont waste ammo. Dont be brave when its 10 to 1 is my motto.

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