Forward Wall Defence

by Nate R.
(somewhere in Ohio)

You CANNOT shoot someone with your back to your bunker. not only is it pointless to look like you're trying for a part in a 007 movie in a paintball game but it will likely get you killed. Keep your eyes and guns forward instead of pressing your back to your bunker. This will increase your chances of stopping the enemy from advancing because you will now be able to see and do something about every move they make. It is also a good idea to keep your partners in bunker along your sides making a sort of wall of armed bunkers. This is a great defensive strategy I've used to hold key positions such as your team's flag or whatever else you may want to keep under your control. If your team has any heavy gunners, they are best put on the flanks of this formation, so their fire crosses in front of the wall creating your kill zone. But the key is keep facing forward. Never turn your back to the enemy. If you want a real time example of this strategy being used just comment me asking for it and I will oblige. Have fun Brothers and sisters of the paint!

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