FREE Paintball Ebook

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Why are we giving you a free paintball book? Because we want to thank you for subscribing to our mini course. Ok, and maybe...if you like what you'll send a few friends over to our website (or send them a copy of our ebook!)...

Here's how to get it... Go to free paintball ebook and download the special book.

Save your free paintball ebook to your hard drive, and unzip it.

You will need a zip program and Adobe Acrobat Reader which are standard programs that almost all computers have. Or, you can get them for freee. Go to: for the adobe reader.

Go to for the zip program (search for freee winzip).

This paintball ebook is yours to keep. Feel free to share this free paintball ebook with friends and family, and help them improve their game. But please do not change anything in it. All the images and text are copyright protected.

Let us know what you think!

PS: This downloadable ebook is freee, and there are no strings attached. We simply want to thank you for being a loyal subscriber. And if you know of anyone else who is interested in paintball, send them a copy, and send them over to...


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