How To Get A Free Paintball Gun and Free Paintball Gear!

If you want to get a free paintball gun or paintball gear this article is going to be very interesting. But getting free paintball gear and guns sounds to good to be true. And it is...sort of. Let me explain...

By the way, the fastest way to get free paintball gear is to get your paintball team sponsored, so read this article. But for those of us who aren't so lucky or just want to commit to a serious team at this time, read on...

You can get a free paintball gun and free paintball gear, but it requires buying and selling paintball guns and gear.

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The tips I am going to share with you are not guaranteed. You might even lose money. Chances are you won't but I have to say that in case you come back to me and say, "Hey, you said I could make money and get a free paintball gun...I am suing you!"

But if you are interested in making money buying and selling paintball equipment (guns and gear), then I fee confident that you will not only make some money in the paintball industry and get a free paintball gun and gear but you might even build a nice little business out of it.

The basic strategies to getting a free paintball gun and gear, and making some money in the paintball industry is quite simple...

First, you have to know paintball guns and gear. You have to know what's a good gun, a bad gun, how they basically work, etc. I am sure you are pretty well versed in this area so I'll move on...

Free Paintball Gun Tip #1:

You have to know your product. That's the fun part though. So get yourself a paintball gun if you don't have one, or barrow one and get to know it. Take it apart (be careful and follow the instruction manual...we are not liable for any if you don't know what you are doing get a tech to show you).

Assuming you know what a good paintball gun is and how much they sell for new and used, you are ready (same goes for paintball gear).

Free Paintball Gun Tip #2:

The key is to find undervalued paintball guns and paintball packages. There are several places to look for them. You can find them on Ebay, Craigslist, garage sales, and even in classified ads.

Look for poorly listed used paintball guns (and in rare cases new ones) and misspelled listings as well. Poorly listed items will be ones that have terrible descriptions and or pictures.

Free Paintball Gun Tip #2:

On Craigslist you will find paintball guns and paintball packages for sale without pictures and poor descriptions so ask for more details and what their bottom line price will be.

On Ebay you will usually find listings with pictures.

My suggestions is to start off buying a listing where a bunch of different gear is being sold in one auction.

See if you can get it at a relatively low price, and then turn around and take better pictures of each individual item and re-sell it.

That's basically the secret. But the key is to take good pictures, and write good descriptions, and be sure you have at least 15-20 positive feedback.

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Free Paintball Gun Tip #3:

In addition list your items on Craigslist.

See, most people are too lazy to list all their gear separately. So you can cash in on this. I've done it very successfully. I made $500 off one deal. You can too!

Lets run through a scenario. You find one listing with a spyder paintball gun, a hopper, a face mask, paintballs, tubes, and a paintball pistol for $79.

You sell everything separately, and make a little on shipping, but you make $99 total. That's $20 in your pocket. Or $20 closer to your free paintball gun. In addition you found 5 or 6 paintball players that want to spend money so you do your best to get them on your buyer list.

The next listing you get is similar, so you email your list about your new auction. Now you've boosted your bidding, and when this auction is done you've built your list even further.

Now you are well on your way to getting a free paintball gun with your profits. But more importantly you are building your list of buyers and leveraging off of them (that's one of the little known secrets of building a business. Building a list and nurturing it. Even small business owners don't quite get it).

You might lose money on a few listings, but if you keep busy flipping paintball guns and gear you will make a nice little income every month.

Once you have a few sales under your belt try other niches that interest you. For example, if you like snow boarding, try doing the same thing in that niche.

Nothing is better than making money in the hobbies you love!

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