get the tippmann, it's the best?

by God

Well, guess what.... I got the tippmann 98, and it wasn't the best. It's overall quality is lower than that of the spyder, as it its precision. The spyders are made from machined aluminum, the 98's are made of cast aluminum. So anyway, I got the "better" gun, and it wasn't better at all. as for unlimited upgrades? The platform doesn't offer enough precision to make an excellent high end gun. The only credit I give to the 98 is that it can take almost any physical abuse it is subject to. The engineering of the 98 custom is 12 years old, with nothing but a few "drop in" upgrades and one major redesign over it's lifetime.

I'm not saying the tippmann is not a bad gun, or that people should not get it. I'm just amazed that it is being inaccurately described as a possible "high end" gun, and being described as superior to guns that are, if not better and easier to work with, at least its equal. Don't even get me started on price.
Oh, and by the way, tippmann 98 customs are no longer manufactured in the good ol' US of A. They come from the same place as everything else these days: China. Not saying that the quality will be worse, but I am disappointed that tippmann has the ability to make these guns in the US (they made them here for YEARS) and outsourced to china (and their prices are as steep as ever).
Lastly, the pilot ACS has too many "little touches" that, although they are nice, they are fragile and poorly thought out. As for JT tac-5's, I know 5 people who have gotten them, and none of the guns work now. They break WAY too easily. To anyone who has not completely ignored me by now, stick with the sonix. It's a good, solid gun that provides reliability comparable to the tippmann 98, and it has plenty of performance-enhancing upgrades.

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