Are Good Airsoft Guns As Good As A Good Paintball Gun?

Many paintball players would say that good airsoft guns have yet to be invented.

This is because the design of airsoft guns has yet to evolve to a stage where they effectively shoot other things besides plastic pellets and bb shots.

The problem with airsoft guns is that they shoot some kind of shrapnel or casing remnants along with the paint ball.

Airsoft guns are hot commodity right now because nearly 100% of them are first-rate exact replicas of genuine firearms. This of course means that airsoft guns should not be toted around in public like regular paint ball markers simply because their resemblance to genuine weapons could cause an unfortunate, if not fatal misunderstanding. Although they are "toy guns", just like ordinary paintball markers they should treated with the respect, care and courtesy that is typical of a real weapon.

Airsoft guns in general, however are the latest trend when it comes to any kind of combat play. This is includes the types of combat airsoft paint markers that are used in paint ball games. Whether you are a tournament player, target shooter or a recruit in a war game, good airsoft guns are slowly revolutionizing gun-related activities and sports

Airsoft guns are toy guns (like paint guns) but many states consider them to be a weapon because they also shoot six millimeter plastic pellets.

Airsoft paint blasters shoot paint pellets. Also in most states it is illegal to try and outfit these types of guns with any kind of silencer. airsoft auns Good airsoft guns and even cheap airsoft guns must always be used in conjunction with proper safety gear, because even if you are shooting a paint pellet, it is still a pellet which could cause an eye injury to another person or an innocent animal.

Some paintball players are opting to use paint pellets and airsoft guns simply because they can be way less expensive than a standard paintball marker. They have become a low cost alternative to ordinary paintball equipment.

However, if you peruse the chat boards on forums on the Internet, you will see that an airsoft gun is not the weapon of choice for most paint ball enthusiasts. It seems that you get what you pay for in this case. For one thing, these airsoft guns do not seem to be a sturdy and durable as regular paintball markers. Many people in paintball forums do say that if the quality of these guns was improved, then they would probably overtake paintball markers as the weapon of choice for paintball games simply because they are less complicated and less messy than regular markers.

Another drawback of using airsoft guns seems to be that one has yet to invented that does not get badly clogged with paint from pellets breaking inside the gun. This apparently breaks the gun for good.

good airsoft guns

Among the good airsoft guns, the M4 RAM (real Action Marker) that resembles and fires just like a real machine gun is most recommended by paintball experts and enthusiasts. This is because the paint pellets are encased in a metal-shelled case that prevents paint leakage. If you are environmentally aware you can also purchase biodegradable plastic paint pellet casings for this popular and good airsoft gun.

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