Good Gear Versus Unnecessary Gear

by Zac Los
(Maple Ridge BC)

Paintball gear that I deemed necessary:

If you are the type of player that doesn't want to spend money on special tactical vests, tactical pants (a.k.a. camo cargo pants), I suggest going to value village or something, and get a pair of old dark jeans, and a long sleeve t-shirt. That will cover the same if not more area of your body than those special gears. AND jeans and t-shirt will take a lot of extra unnecessary weight of your body, enabling faster running and faster maneuverability.

Gear that is not really needed:

In conjunction, the special gear is nice if you are using a side arm, such as a pistol or second "rifle."

Being said that you can carry extra pods of paint, or extra mags for side arm. If you really want to be prepared for anything, even a another bottle of air. Bu not only is the gear able to carry a tone of extra stuff, it gives you that REALISTIC feel of things. Makes you look a bit more army material. (This look can be enhanced by using a remote line)

All of this is really based for the user as personal preference, for the speeds-ball type player, definitely go thin layering seeing as games are usually a lot shorter and a lot more running is involved.

For the woodsball player, I would recommend the thin stuff too, but then again, games are longer, and you might need extra stuff (depends on your shooting style).

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