GXG Tactical Paintball Vest!

by William Holston
(Seaford, DE)

GXG Tactical Paintball Vest

GXG Tactical Paintball Vest

GXG Tactical Paintball Vest Review: The GXG Tactical Recon Lightweight Vest is a great piece of equipment to help you carry around some extra ammo, or your Co2 tank.

I use it every time I play a woodsball game, there's no way i would carry around an already heavy gun with a full 24oz Co2 tank on it.

Unlike most other tactical vest that you see, this GXG Tactical Paintball Vest features an extremely lightweight and breathable mesh fabric design so you don't overheat and stay in the game longer, while still being able to stand up to any abuse you put it through on the field. The mesh design makes it easy to store, and clean so you don't have to worry about a lot of upkeep.

It has four pod holsters with easy to use straps to release them in the heat of battle, a huge pocket in the back to hold just about any co2 tank you would want to cary, two pockets with velcro on the chest for easy access, three elastic straps for 12 gram co2 cartridges, and even a special rig to hold a two-way radio for communications. All of the features are extremely easy to use, even with thick gloves on.

The only part of the GXG Tactical Paintball Vest I didn't really like was the lack of velcro on the chest, there are two large pockets, but only one has Velcro attached to the outside for any custom attachments, but I fixed that with a little trip to the craft section at Walmart.

At a cheap price compared to some other vest I would highly recommend this to anyone who was in the market for a good vest, all the features at a good price (around $25) make it an overall good deal, and if you pair it up with some BDUs and your ready to conquer the field.

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