Hand Signals In Paintball

by Luis
(Johannesburg, South Africa)

Paintball Hand signals

Paintball Hand signals

Hand signals in Paintball...

Hi everyone,
My name is Luis "ACE". I know everyone had enough articles about communication & why it is important. But my "article" isn't about the importance of communication, it's about types of communications.

Before you decide to stop reading my "article". Ask yourself this: what is the best type of communication?

I would say that there are two standard types of communication:

1) verbal communication.
2) hand signals.

Verbal communication:

I would say that nearly everyone uses this method. From my personal experience, this is not a good method. Here is a scenario:

your team has an opportunity to flank the enemy. you Shout out to your teams: "Delta formation". The problem is now, the enemy knows that your team is going into a formation. I have seen a team, where one player shouted out & told his team mate to go right & flank the enemy. That team mate had no idea that the enemy was waiting for him (since they were able to hear his orders).

Yes, communication is important, but having the enemy know your tactics isn't a good thing. Most likely it will cost your team the game.

Hand signals:

Now, I wouldn't say that this is the best method. But it is better than verbal communication. There are advantages & disadvantage

- the other team, can't hear your team tactics.
- you still able to make sentences

- some of your team mates might not see the signal.

i attached an image of the standardized hand signals for C.R.E. operations. your team doesn't need to use these signals, make your own. Having unique hand signals, the other team is going to battle to figuring out your hand signals.

Remember this, communication is not only on the field, it must also take place before the game. Talk to each other, give ideas, explain which strategy going to use.. Planning before the game, will increase your chances of winning a game.

So the best communication, you ask?
The one that your team is most comfortable using.

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