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The best way to learn how to play paintball is simply to jump in the fray and just play. If you are playing at a good commercial place, the referees or employees will make an effort to put you in a game that matches you with players of similar experience.

Either that or the teams will be mixed so that both teams are a combination of beginners and more seasoned players. A good referee always begins every game with a full review of the rules of how to play paintball.

In essence, the basics of the game are quite elementary. Shoot others with paintballs and try not to get shot.

If you are just learning how to play paintball don't be too aghast at leaving the field at the end of the game covered in paint. That's the usual!

You can also learn how to play paintball simply by questioning the other players who will often have advice for you about how to understand the layout of the field, how to operate your paint ball gun and how to protect yourself from strategic attacks by the enemy.

You can also learn how to play paintball simply by observing a game first and seeing how other players handle themselves while out on the field. In general, though, most people find their own performance improves each time that they are actively engaged in paintball combat.

There are hundreds of variations regarding the rules and regulations of paintball, however they can be divided into two simple categories: rec-ball and tournaments.

Most people learn how to play paintball by participating in rec-ball. Others learn how to play paintball by watching live events and video clips of tournaments.

At its essence, paintball is a competitive game. It can be compared to a more challenging version of tag, hide-and-seek, or capture the flag.

Before you learn paintball, you should familiarize yourself with the basic equipment that is needed to play the game - a paintball marker (also called a paintball gun by some), goggles to protect your eyes, pressurized gas and of course -- paintballs.

Paintball is a flexible game that is played in many variations.
It can be played indoors or out. As little as two people can play or as many as five hundred can play in a single game!

The game can last ten minutes or 48 hours depending on the rules. The objective of the game might be to take something from the other team, find something that is hidden before the other team does, or to simply be the last person standing on the field.

As the name suggests, people who play rec-ball don't necessarily play to win, but more for fun and to relieve stress. Tournament players are much more military like in their approach to winning the game.

If you are just learning the game of paintball it is recommended that you start by participating in a game of rec-ball first.

That is the best way to get a handle on the game, the equipment and its basic rules.

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