How To Strike Fear In Your Enemy

by Paul
(Vancouver BC)

This tip is for those of you who go to recreational paintball, you can turn the favor on a game from demonstrating courage and encouraging others to move up if you fire a few rounds into your enemy's bunker wall while you run up and get to the closest bunker to them and just look fearless and aggressive you can take out quite a few people just by using the mercy rule or you can learn how to bunker well and have others assist you with cover fire

Another tip I have is running up the field at the start on the side right by wherever the line to stay in is and make sure its in a concealed area run ahead so that your enemy's go past you and you shoot them in the back at north shore paintball Vancouver I've gotten more than 1000 kills that way maybe 1 on average per match but some you can muster tons (highly recommended

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