Imagine This Paintball Gun

by Jeffy B
(Stellarton Nova Scotia)

So I'm looking to get into paintball again after about 5 yrs of no playing. Kids, Career etc etc. So I’m looking online and things and get a call from my brother (Very much into the sport, always has been since the early 90s)

He tells me he works with a guy who's selling his Imagine, Goggles, Tanks and hopper all for $100 Canadian. I can't say no to a deal like that. So I buy it, and find that is has been sitting in a closet for more then a year... (Poor little Spyder) I got the schematics from and took it apart (My First Time Ever dismantling a marker by the way) SOOOO easy.

I cleaned it, lubed it, charged the battery and got my Co2 filled. Then I filled the hopper and shot over 1,00 balls with no chopping. I've played about 15 games with it and still no chopping to this day. I love my Imagine. My only suggestions are #1 get a better barrel #2 get an electronic hopper to keep up the RoF (I got an egg2)
See ya on the field buys and grrrls.

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Sep 16, 2007
by: Ryan

Ha Ha. Nice tip and thanks for the website its been really useful.

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