Indian Creek Promaster Paintball Gun Review


Indian Creek Promaster Paintball Gun Review...

I bought my promaster to back up my shocker. But soon after I bought some upgrades I found that I was using my promaster and my shocker became my backup. I like the fact that the promaster is only 140$ stock. But i hate the fact that the stock promaster does not come with an ASA. So far I have spent about 345$ on my promaster including the gun itself.

Q lock feedneck-35$

CP Classic 14"-35$

Empire Grips-20$

Shocktech DropForward-35$

Smart Parts On/Off ASA-35$

Delrin Bolt Spike Pin-10$

CP Freestyle Trigger-35$

Gun Itself-140$

I have bought every upgrade this gun has to offer except for a new board and new detents. those are next on my list.

I would recommend the promaster to anyone looking for speed, efficiency, and a cheap price. when you will actually be able to play with it it will cost you about 220. because you will have to buy an ASA and a Clamping feedneck. another upgrade i would highly recommend. is a new barrel. the stock one is VERY VERY VERY loud. and very inacurate. it makes the gun kick like no other. but once you get a new one the kick is very minimal.

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