An Exciting Paintball Alternative - Indoor Paintball

Indoor Paintball is a whole new experience as compared to outdoor paintball.

The very obvious thing that a new indoor player will notice is that the guns make hell of a sound. Due to this, you might want to put on earplugs under your mask but this is not necessary in general cases.

Playing paintball indoors can be more thrilling and exciting than outdoor paintball. It's a fast and furious kind of a pace. Once you begin playing indoor paintball you may not want to switch back to the outdoor fields.

Speedball is the most common type of paintball that is played indoors. In the indoor arena the bunkers are closer. Shooting begins with the blow of the whistle and all the players have to scramble from their bases as it is played indoors.

All the skills that you have acquired for playing paintball outdoors are required when you opt for playing indoor paintball. All the strategies like playing aggressively, playing with team spirit and trying to get into the bunkers, which give good angles to shoot your enemies are obviously need for the indoor game. Your position in speedball proves to be very vital. The speedball team that goes the farthest from their own base is declared as the winner.

Some indoor paintball fields are small in size while others are massive arenas. Indoor fields have a theme style of play. Like I said, the indoor game is often becomes a high energy and high excitement style of paintball. Some players will just not go back to the outdoor paintball while some players prefer outdoor paintball as they like the larger space offered and the slow action.

BFG Paintball Park is an example of a primo indoor paintball facility (see pic below)...indoor paintball

Most indoor clubs offer a range of facilities to attract the maximum crowd. They have day and night sessions. They offer about 4 to 6 game sessions for the paintball fanatics. The adults are charged a little bit more than the kids. Their paintball package includes overalls, fifty paintballs, facemask, gun and gas. Advance booking is made easy on the internet.

Other attractive facilities that the indoor paintball clubs put forward are centrally air conditioned arenas, snack and drink machine, video game cabinets, rocking music, bathrooms and toilets, BBQ area, sufficient amount of tables and chairs and plenty of parking space.

Indoor Paintball clubs offer paintball

parties. Meaning you can celebrate your birthday playing paintball with friends while mom and dad, or your buddy offer your birthday favors to your friends at the same venue. These clubs cater to social clubs and groups, buck's party, birthday party and free video games for large groups or parties.

So capture the flag of your enemy indoors. Indoor paintball is an exhilarating game with its fast pace. This one game is surely going set your adrenaline pumping harder.

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