Inflatable Paintball Bunkers - A Game Changer...

The newly conceived inflatable paintball bunkers are in great demand these days in paintball games and fields as they promote the obstacles for backyard scrimmage and come in different sizes so that you can play a variety of games. Total elimination of the other team is the main objective of paintball and these highly designed inflatable paintball bunkers play an important role in making it easier for the players to hide themselves properly and save themselves from being eliminated very early.

inflatable paintball bunkers

Likewise there is Real Action Paintball, which is a place and arena with paintball bunkers that are inflatable. Real Action Paintball has designed unique inflatable paintball bunkers and structures that provide the players with great hiding places, which the paintball environment requires. These have been designed for the purpose of players who like playing fast games which are high-adrenaline, challenging and, last but not the least, which happen in a fun-filled and savvy environment. A perfect image: the players in the game have donned all the rental equipment that they would like to use and then they play around these high-caliber bunkers around which they can hide the way that suits them. Paintball players of every skill level are invited here and they have all appreciated these challenging and quality bunkers.

Different paintball bunkers have different sizes. Size has gained importance as it helps players hide themselves while attacking. These bunkers, which in earlier days comprised of wood, have played a great role and made the game easier for paintball aficionados. These bunkers usually comprised of hay bales, wire spools and 55-gallon drums. But now, with inflatable paintball bunkers, things have got much better.

inflatable bunker

Inflatable paintball bunkers are sealed and sewn and safe for the players, and they provide an obstacle that helps players to hide behind them. These bunkers always create a lot of excitement in the paintball fields as sometimes players collide with each other.

Inflatable bunkers come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes - like snakes and cones. These bunkers have done away with the need to dig pits to jump in as people can jump into these bunkers. These bunkers have given the paintball field a better appearance. They have opened up the field for amateurs in spite of the fact that inflatables paintball bunkers are more expensive than their predecessors. Paintball fields using 'concept' fields and built indoors or outdoors may be given a new dimension. They are not like connected mazes (which would be congested) but are instead spaced out well for the players to get to different positions.

IAB Systems have been designing inflatable paintball bunkers that are lighter. These bunkers are designed to promote games in which players have to shoot rather than hide themselves. IAB bunkers are sewn with a low pressure and high-volume air systems that can withstand the physical force of the players. The highly designed IAB inflatables deflate once the player leans on them. The long lasting rechargeable battery provides the optimum voltage for the pneumatic tube system to fill the bunkers.

Inflatable bunkers are certainly the rage today, and with good reason too.

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