Invert Mini Paintball Gun Review - Small Gun Big Features!

invert mini paintball gun

The Invert mini paintball gun by KEE Action Sports is not just another electronic paintball gun. It is a well designed, high performing paintball gun that deserves your attention if you are in the market for an electronic paintball gun:

  • Magnetic returned trigger system allows for reliable, fast crisp shooting
  • Multi-Mode firing: You can switch from PSP ramping, NXL, and Millennium ramping. Also has a tournament lockout feature.
  • 12 inch barrel that is threader for an autococker threaded.
  • Anti Chop Eyes (Break Beam) reduces chopped paintballs dramatically saving you time and money.
  • No external hoses to worry about: no crimping not breakage to fuss with.

The Invert Mini is a revolutionary new paintball gun that is light, easy to maintain, easy to setup, and a very cool design.

If you take a look inside, you'll see that all the paintball gun parts have been well organized making them simple to service and clean.

The electronic board is positioned inside the front grip, which provides you with easy and fast access to change out the battery, or to simply replace the board.

As with all electronic paintball guns, the board is the brains behind this amazing gun, and it's powered by one 9 volt battery. The brain allows you to configure your Invert Mini to your own specifications which can change from game to game.

You can configure it to fire semi automatically, or in full auto mode.

There are a total of 5 different functions that the Invert Mini can perform:

  • mode
  • rate of shooting
  • dwell
  • ball in place delay
  • ramping point

However, for those just getting started in paintball you will probably just stick to these two firing modes.

The grips are made just right for most sized hands, so you'll fee like you have excellent control during a game.

There's no hose so where does the air go? The air is transferred directly in the air transfer tube located in the grips. You get your compressed air and attach it, and then the air flows through the transfer tube in the grips (in other words the compressed air attached directly to the Air Source Adapter), and it ends in the bolt (ready to shoot).

The Invert Mini operates ONLY on compressed air so don't even try to use C02.

For a tiny paintball gun it has an impressive number of upgrades. The barrel is 'cocker' threaded (threaded for an autococker barrel).

You can upgrade the board to a more sophisticated one called the Virtue. Check out the advantages of this amazing piece of hardware.

You can also upgrade the:

  • Bolt
  • Trigger
  • Feedneck
  • And much more.

The most impressive feature of the Invert Mini is it's weight. It only weighs 2 pounds fully loaded. Add in the fact that it is accurate and reliable and you have a winning combination.

There is nothing to upgrade out of the box because it works well without them. If you twisted my arm, the only thing you may want to upgrade right away is the barrel (although stock barrel is very good). The Whisper barrel is a good option for the Invert Mini. But it's not necessary because out of the box it's awesome.

Do You Need It?

This gun is versatile, accurate, reliable, and super light weight. It can be used in all different game situations, ideally Speedball. It doesn't chop balls, even when put to severe usage (some chopped balls but not many during heavy testing). However...

invert mini package deal

If you are going to be playing scenario or woodsball, by all means get a Tippmann 98, an A5, or a BT BT4 Combat. You may disagree, but these guns are bullet proof. I've seen the Tippmann's come out from under six inches of mud and fire all day long with no problems.

But if you are going to be working the snake (Speedball), this is an ideal paintball gun to have in hand.

Conclusion: The Invert Mini is ideal for someone who wants a fairly high level gun for recreational paintball, or entry level paintball tournaments, and it will even keep up with the higher level guns and players as well.

The price is not too bad for such a nice little paintball gun. You can get one for around $326, or a full package deal for around $425, give or take. This is still a great deal in my opinion.

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