It's Not About The Paintball Jersey!

by Jerry
(Stockton, CA)

Before I start I want everyone reading this to know that I'm a newbie at paintball. This story is actually about the first time I've ever played on a real paintball field (one that you pay to get in). I've shot a paintball marker before but only in the woods and just messing around. OK!

It was on a Sunday in sunny California some buddies of mine wanted to try paintballing. So we all head out to the local paintball field. We didn't have much experience in paintballing, but what the hell! Were all grown men and how much can a paintball hurt anyway. Well we finally got there and all you see are fully cloth (jersey from head to toe) paintball player. I mean they make us look like hillbillies that just came out from the woods from a 30 year hibernation. We were wearing only our street clothes like jeans and tees. The first impression of the other players make me wonder if these guys are as good as they dress. Well that whole day we played about 8 speedball game and 2 rackball, and yes I'm very proud to say we never lost a game. Yes we got shot from time to time and yes some does sting a little bit, but the point is we were just as good and maybe even better then most of the players that day. So the real moral of the story is don't let the poser fool you with their egos and angels. Our best gun was a DM4 and the worst was a tippman A-5.

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Nov 03, 2010
by: Dylan W.

Good post, i'd have rated it higher.
Tippmann a5 is not the worst marker you could have had, its a totally different style.
What other markers did you have?

Apr 16, 2010
by: shawn p.

the gear doesn't make u a better player, it helps. i wear usuall street gear and my excellerator 3.0, and i've taken out people with all the fancy gear and markers like angels and auto cockers.

May 13, 2009
play the game

The player makes the gun the gun doesn't make the player.Learn your gun, know how it shoots and you can do ok with a Brass Eagle or any cheap gun.These guys that spend a fortune on guns that shoot 20 -30 BPS and think it will make them an all-star usually are the worst on the field and they go through a case of paint on a single game.Dont get me wrong a 75$ gun will never be as good as a 300 -400 $ gun but it dont make the player.A sucky player will still be sucky whether he has a cheapy or a top of the line.

Feb 21, 2008
by: Anonymous

um who in there right mind goes and buys a dm4 which is kinda expensive i mean an a-5 is atleast 200 so you never played but you have nice guns???? that seems strange to me

Jan 27, 2008
I agree
by: Eddie (Mount Vernon, WA

Yes I am new to paintballing, I went about three weeks ago and pro players were at the place, all suited up and fancy stuff. I had a Vexor, from Game Face, and I stood up to them. I liked paintballing so much I went back the next day.

Jan 22, 2008
i agree
by: Anonymous

i went pantballin my first time and everyone was wearing jerseys

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