JT Excellerator 3.0 Review

by shawn p.
(indiana, p.a., usa)

JT Excellerator 3.0 Review:

This gun is built like a tank, and its cheap!


VERY little plastic (it takes a beating).

(Almost) never chops balls...when you get it adjusted just rite which isn't hard really.

Uses "Spyder" type barrel threads.

Cheap, I paid $45 for it back in 2001 most likely cheaper now.

Doesn't use as much c02 as an electric gun.

Great looking gun, it's black and polished aluminum.

Great sound, I've never heard a paintball gun that has such a unique sound from my experience.

Parts (upgrades) like the better bolt are just a couple bucks!!!


HEAVY for a paintball gun.

VERY shinny might want to paint it or tape works just as well.

Have to oil it a lot because of almost completely being made of metal.

Disassembly is not as easy as others, it requires a pin to be removed before the bolt comes out(good practice though).

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