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So I just picked up my first paintball gun and now I’m starting to have some regrets about the paintball gun that I bought. As the title says, I picked up the JT stealth covert ops marker but I don't really know if I should have. Half my friends told me to go for a spyder while the other half said tippmann but I couldn't choose so in a daze and excitement to get started I picked up the JT stealth marker, which my friend pointed out to me on a little paintball product comparison. So I was wondering if you could tell me if my investment was a good one or if I should save up for a better one.

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Apr 02, 2010
by: Anonymous

The JT SC is an effective but mediocre marker. I suggest the Tipmann 98 or A-5. I personally use the A-5 for woods-ball and it works great. The accuracy on the A-5 is amazing and it comes with a nice iron sight. You can hit spot on from 30 yards lying in the brush. The 98 is also great for woods-ball, with an E-Trigger or in other words an update that makes it fully automatic, it is powerfull, but not very accurate.

Spyders for Speedball

Tipmanns for Woodsball

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