JT Stealth Paintball Review

by Ty Bailey
(Marion, Illinois)

Ok I haven't been playing paintball long but my friend told me about this gun I didn't want to invest a whole lot into the gun so i went to wal-mart and bought it for around $100. Its proven its worth it comes with a view loader hopper (200 rounds) and a 9" stock barrel. It does vary well with using air i have a 24 oz tank which doubles as a stock because it meets right at your shoulder which is nice lol.

Ok now for the bad parts.... There really arent many i use stryker paintballs and none has ever busted. THE ONE MAJOR SET BACK IS ITS VERY HARD TO FIND UPGRADES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I put a 12" carbon fiber barrel on it which helps but nothing drastic.
In closing its a pretty good solid gun. If your not planning on playing in tournaments. I play woodsball, i have tried it at speed ball yet. I wouldn't have high expectations... But seriously I recommend it if u have any questions email me at drlbail2@aol.com

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Sep 23, 2015
JT Stealth
by: Iva Waddy

Probably if one do not have such experience of using those of the JT stealth paintball this will surely difficult for him to handle certain issues, so he won't like to go further.
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Jan 13, 2010
by: alberto

everything comes with time..

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