Keep a cool head and have fun!

by Jared
(Lancaster, PA)

I think people often get caught up in paintball as just winning, winning, winning. And while that is something you should strive to do, paintball isn't about wiping the paint off you when you get hit, or getting angry over matches. The best way to get better is not just to play and practice, but to have fun in doing so as well.

Growing up, (I'm 15) as a kid, I remember being made fun of because I didn't have the most expensive or fancy paintball gear. I came from a family on a tight budget, so I never had top shelf equipment. But I worked with what I had, and I had fun in doing so. And although I admit I sometimes got frustrated, I stuck with it, and practiced, and I got pretty good. And I'm not embarrassed one bit to say, I have a spyder victor. But I have fun with it, and try my best.
By the way, my neighbor is friends with Bob Long's son =D

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Sep 27, 2010
by: chris

I think it is cool to have fun when having fun playing paintball

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