Keep moving even when you like to camp!

by Nick
(Liverpool, New York, USA)

When me and my friends play woodsball, ctf, .ect. I normally am the team sniper. I play with a customized Spyder MR2 but anyways. One of my favorite things I like to do is sneak around the whole perimeter of the field, find a good sniping spot, and wait for that perfect shot. But then I learned my lesson by not just sitting their. This one time I was behind the enemy base behind a couple of rocks. Now I normally wait till I know I will make the shot 100%.

So I sat their, and sat their, and Eventually sat their so long I forgot what I was even doing. Now I didn't realize that they (the enemy) knew I was their all that time. Then all of a sudden paint balls came from all directions and hit me from every angle possible. I swear I got paint on me in places I didn't think possible. But lesson of this story. It's ok to camp, but not too long. After that I only camp for like 2 minutes or less, Make a shot even if it might miss, and get the heck out of there. And move onto the next spot.

I hope this all gave you an example of a... (not to do) in paint ball and hopefully won't end up like I did. Peace.

Keep moving: by Philip Kaminsky (New Prague, MN).

The temptation for most beginning players is to drop behind something and sit there until either the game ends or they are shot. This is a very bad idea since it usually results in the latter. I can not even express how easy it is for me to get an angle on these players. I hear them shoot race in a circle around their position and plug them in the back before they even know I'm there. The key to the game is to stay on your toes. Just keep moving. The longer you stay in one spot, the sooner your opponents will figure out where you are. If you can stay moving, pausing only to take a killing shot, the other team will be scared poop-less. They will have no idea where you are, they'll waste paint shooting at logs and rocks that look like they could be a person. In this confusion, I can guarantee that you will be able to pick off at several of their players.

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Oct 20, 2009
by: Jessica

Nice read! Check out my site if you have a chance:

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