Know Thy Enemy

by Reed

This is something I learned from years of playing on the underdog paintball team in my hometown. Its important that every player know, that no loss is a loss. There's always something to be learned, even if you lose, every match is a win as long as you learn something from it.

I'm sure some of you have been in this situation, a couple of your hotshot buddies think the teams are fair when its them five against you and two other players whose guns constantly crap out. I've been there, and needless to say I never argued, a match was a match to me, and I knew it was games like this that would only make me better.

The thing is, if you know your opponent you can counter every move they throw at you. If you know their weaknesses and their strengths AND play them you WILL win.

The game went like every other, my teammates guns turned into salad shooters, and it was up to me to make something happen. What ended up happening was so predictable, every one of them turned their attention to my incapacitated teammates. Why? Because they were the type of players that go for the "easy" kills, the type of team that starts from the bottom and uses their numbers to take down the top.

All I did was defend my teammates by shooting the lanes before their bunkers, the very lanes they would use to bunker, and believe me, these players were looking to bunker(one strategy I will never understand).

Their aggressive player went first, then their "hero" tried secondly along with the "sidekick," and the last two were the type of players that always manage to sneak an elbow out.

If you are a regular at a field, or you have a certain group you always play with, then this strategy is a must. If you play smart, you will win. If you know what you are up against, and play accordingly, you will win.

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