Know Your Strengths and Think Quik

by Justin

Ok I have been playing paintball for about 4 years now. first off buy a good mask it makes all the difference trust me ok if you’re a fast player take advantage and stay at the front or if you’re like me and you’re a larger or slow moving player still move up but focus practicing a skill that’s going to help you.

I have fast fingers and can shoot really fast on semi auto but I am also accurate with my shots.
A clean gun is an accurate gun, and play a couple games with a pump gun so you learn accuracy. And play with a cheap gun that has no range to learn to move up don’t be afraid to make moves.

I was playing a game it was me and 2 others left in a tower if we held it for 1 min we won. Well it was 8 on 3 when ever I would pop up ten shots would come my way the other 2 just stayed down and gave me their paint, as long as I would not leave them alone. I ended up shooting out 4 of the other team and we won.

An example of shooting whatever is sticking out I was in a hall way and this guy was behind the only bunker blind firing so I lit up his gun and hopper with about a pod before the ref called him out surprise is also very good.

I was there was a hallway and I lured a guy down it but there was this room and a window it the room I went behind the window and the guy popped out and I lit him up. He was scared and then I was shot from behind.

But it was a ton of fun to get that kill. Last I tell you what I use and the price:

A proto slg 09 ul frame like new condition was $137 on eBay.

A new jt proflex red 55 and a steel hpa tank, $45. A velocity selectforce loader, $39.

A valken 4 pod pack $20, and valken pads about $70.

For knee and elbow pads jt gloves $5.

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