Lay Down and Call Your Shot

by Jimmy
(Coeur d' Alene, ID, USA)

This is a highly recommended tip for any player out there.

First, Set up your team in a position were 1 player is on each of the corners and one is in the middle.

Second, Whenever you see an opponent dont fire, just call their position. Only after they cross the half way point do you then start shooting.

Third, Once you start firing all of you need to maintain the line formation you have set and slowly move forward keeping them back.

Extra: When moving take shots of two to keep them down. If done correctly you will be able to fool your opponent into thinking your are still far back. only move when they are down and never get caught on a 50/50. A 50/50 is just one player shooting at another over and over.

Keep these tips in mind and you will do great, no matter who you are.

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