Looking for Help with Paintball guns and accessories.

by Cesar
(New york)

Hello everyone..

I understand this forum is for cheap paintball gun suggestions but can I post for recommendations. I would like to ask a few questions about paintball guns and accessories please help.

What would you recommend for the following:

Markers-from my research I believe the Tippman 98 custom is really the best out in the market for all its specs and reliability. Any other markers??

Barrel- For accuracy do I go with a short barrel, long barrel, many holes or no holes around barrel.

Triggers- what would u recommend, no research yet.

Air tanks- CO2 or Nitro. My research states Nitro is better. any comments???..

Thank you for any responses.

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Oct 07, 2015
Review NEW
by: Anonymous

Paint pace is controlled by the markers controller. The most extreme pace for any field is 300 feet for every second with numerous fields having their own breaking points set beneath that. essay writing company. To the extent precision is concerned an awesome lion's share of exactness is influenced by paint to barrel match. On the off chance that the paint is too huge for within width of the barrel it will soften up the barrel. On the off chance that the barrel's measurement is too huge then the paint won't be exceptionally precise.

Jun 03, 2010
MR1 All the way
by: Anonymous

I wont knock a Tippmann, they are a great gun. But it has a major limitation. Taking it apart is a pain, especially on the field. The Spyder MR1 I have found to have equal range, accuracy and reliability. Is VERY durable, no cheap plastic. You can strip it for cleaning in less than a minute. Looks sharper out of the box and cheaper to purchase. You cant go wrong with a tippmann but dont listen to all the hype. The MR1 is just as good if not better and in my opinion the better choice...especiall for someone just starting out.

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