Milisim paintball gear reviews!

by Black 13, Mike Berry
(Irving, Texas.)

I am a woodsballer, more specifically scenario milsim. I am a milsim scenario woodsball player. If you are interested in this aspect of paintball you will need to get gear specific to the purpose. When playing milsim (military simulation) scenario games the first and most important thing is player safety ( true for all aspects of paintball ).

For this reason I would recommend a paintball vest to carry pods, air tank and other gear you'll need in the game. A tippmann assault vest might be a good choice for a beginner or a experienced player. This vest is constructed of light weight nylon mesh which is very durable and allows you to vent excess heat during a hard game, also with this type of vest the ability to customize allows you to make your loadout small so you remain light and fast during a game.

The molly system allows you to add or remove any pouches or other attachments you may need and place them exactly where you want them further customizing your loadout. During the summer months heat exhaustion becomes a major concern for the woodsballer. A simple camelback water carrier is the way to protect yourself from the danger of heat exhaustion or heat stoke in the most extreme case. You must drink water frequently to remain hydrated, temperatures can unexpectedly get very hot in the deep woods even though you may be in the shade!. I would recommend a simple 100 .oz camel back with adjustable straps and mouth piece system that allows you to drink with out spilling a drop.

Most serious mil-sim scenario games are played in the deep woods on rough rocky terrain, a good way to protect oneself from injury is the use of elbow and knee pads. At some point in a hard fought woodsball game one has to go to ground and when that happens rocks, branches, roots or stumps, stickers and thorns or the hard packed earth can cause injuries to unprotected elbows and knees. The elbow and knee pads have thick foam padding for comfort and are back with tough plastic/polymer shells for protection, the closure system may be velcro for easy operation.

The smart woodsballer prepares for these possibilities and chooses gear to fit their style of play and for the purpose. Paintball is a fun and exciting sport. Play smart, play hard and play honorably. Good hunting!

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