Moving On!

by Tristan
(Jacksonville, Florida)

Before I start I want to say that even though I am only 12, I have been playing for 3 years so I'm not an inexperienced noob.

Okay, I know hundreds of people have said this, but no matter what, don't stop moving for long! I was once playing at my local fields and got behind a log that was big enough for me to hide behind. I decided to stay there and try to pick off some guys. Unfortunately, I had open space to my back and front, meaning the log was my only protection, even though I was in cammy. Anyways, I was doing okay behind the log until some guys took over the 2 story fort and started pinning me down. Then some autos started coming up on me also. I couldn't retreat because there was nothing behind me, and there was nowhere else to go. I ended up having my face to the ground blind-firing over the log. Then, the guys from the fort started shooting everywhere around me. I tried to make a run for it, but because I had about 15 people on me (half of them on automatic) I got seriously lit up. After that I learned that even if I think I'm just going to pick off a few guys, I should at least move to a spot with an escape route. I hope you learned from my experience and I'll see you on the field.

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