My first paintball gun

by Erik
(Bokeelia, FL USA)

My first paintball gun was a brass eagle from wal-mart.

I've had very few problems with it playing in minor woodsball tournaments.

For about $60 you only get the gun, but you can easily buy goggles and a CO2 tank from online.

Personally I got a 16" barrel and a bi-pod and make a good arch sniping paintball gun.

Most people are looking for guns that shoot straight, but once you get good with arching its more reliable for multiple reasons

1) paintball misses most brush simply because your aiming higher than the small tree's shrub's, bushes, etc...

2) longer distance shots

3) good for barely getting over small bushes or walls to hit them from behind cover easier

And so there you have it for less than $150 i made a very reliable paintball sniper with cheap parts from online

Afterwords i saved up for the q-longbow paintball sniper gun only to realize that i like my wal-mart gun better there's no need to go for a high-end gun EVER.

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