My Proflex, Freak, and Empire Paintball Gear Recommendations!

by Kyle sanger
(Farmington NH )

Proflex - A great feature about the mask is it BOUNCES! The foam ear pieces will help with bounces, however as good as that helps that isn't why the mask gives you a lot of bounces. It gives you a lot of bounces because of the SUPER FLEXIBLE lower mask part, the grill looking thing. It's so soft that you can flip it up and it will stay there. This mask has no fog at ALL I played back to back games for about 5-6 hours only going out to grab paint and air. I used my proto mask for a couple games but it wasn't as good as the proflex.

Freak barrel kit - I got this for my Spyder Electra and it defiantly made the gun more accurate. I shot longer distance and more straight than the stock barrel. It is amazing because you can put certain inserts in the gun to fit the paint you’re shooting.

Empire b2 hopper - is a great hopper haven't chopped any paint the only thing I that was a problem to me is that it stopped loading so I turned it off and back on then it was working fine again. Definitely not as good as the rotor or Z2 but is a great starter hopper. (I only picked it up for $20 on craigslist).

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