NEW 2008 Spyder Electra

by Vinni
(Los Angeles, California, USA)

I am a HUGE Spyder marker fan and I recently purchase the 08 Electra. This is a electric marker and at only $199.99 ( it is a must have. I have been playing for 5 years and I am currently on a 15 yr Am team and i believe that this gun is great for new players and vets alike. This gun has three modes of fire: Semi-Automatic, Ramp PSP, and Ramp M. They have replaced the old burst and full-auto modes with the 2 ramps and i enjoy it more. It also has a 2 piece 12in barrel, which is ok but i recommend you purchase a different one, (I have a Trinity 14in on mine). The rest of the gun is re-amped as well with a kick-ass new look. I recommend using a Halo-B w/ Rip Drive (and a V-35 Chip if they have it) For around $110. It can run on CO2 or Compressed Air although it preforms better with Compressed Air. I have not yet made any major mods on the gun yet (minus a rocking trigger). All in all the new 08 Spyder Electra is an amazing gun for the price. I recommend that anyone who is looking for a solid gun that is very mod-able should pick one up.

_-Vinni "TheGodFather" Mercello-_

_-Team XCZ-_

*If you don't get the shot the first time... your screwed*

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Jun 17, 2008
not bad i suppose.
by: Chase

first of all let me say this. I HATE IONS. but for the price they arent gonna be beaten. and if you are going to spend 110 on a halo b w/ rip drive, just get the reloader b for 90, its sound activated so if it pops off your gun during a slide or dive you dont lose all your paint. or go with the vlocity for 130, it holds more paint and its faster. the DXS pulse isnt bad either, but i dont know the price off hand. anyway you can get an ion off ebay for around 160 or so new. just my 2 cents

May 29, 2008
Cheap paintballs
by: xplodpaintball

If this gun is too expensive for you, check out You can get it for as low as half the price used. Your can get accessories and equipment also...

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