No Need To Invest To Be The Best!

by Etienne Alary
(Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

When it comes down to equipment you don't have to buy expensive gear to play a great game...

You can use any pants you already have (nothing tight 'cause it limits movement), use your judgement on the fabric, go accordingly with the temperature of the environment you'll be playing in.

For shoes, you can use old sneakers or old boots depending on the surface. Usually boots have better grip which is nice for humid, damp or wet conditions, but sneakers are my favorites on dry land.

Plus since they're old, they're more comfortable. Some say they provide less support, but if you don't want to strain your ankle or something, your best bet is to stay in shape and look out for your stepping on. You can hurt yourself even with the best footwear.

My vest is an old jeans vest with the sleeves cut off. It's got two front pockets with buttons on the chest and two inside pockets, great for smoke grenades and stuff. I personally don't like those big belts with 8 compartments for the tubes you put your paintballs in because it's way to big and it limits your movements too much. I use 2 grip taped Gatorade bottles that holds on to my vest with the Velcro bands sowed to it. I never ran out of bullets in a match. I carry my old fishing box that I lock for the rest of my ammo
and I leave it in the cemetery.

As for shirts, well any shirt will do really! (I sometimes wear a tie, just for look) I use an old t-shirt as a bandana.

My gloves where given to me by my cousin, they were his old snowboarding gloves, not the ones that are for extremely low temperature, I think they are competition gloves, I dunno.
The gun (TIPPMANN A5)and mask (HELIX with double-glass to prevent fogging, it's the only thing I recommend you invest in because fog=no fun!) I use were given to me by the guys at "a paintball place I cannot name for Agreement purposes" because my friend and me organized a big group and that was our reward, a gun and a mask each!

So you see, it cost me close to nothing to get geared-up head to toes!

And as far being the best go, you ought to look into the tips and tricks section and you might boost your game-up better than with any equipment ;)

PS: I got a mini DV camcorder that I sometimes use to capture the action. My tip would be to make sure it's well aligned with your cannon when you tie-wrap it to your marker. It sounds stupid but the first movie I made was of everything a couple of feet above anything I shot that day!

PPS: is a great paintball park. You should check them out for sure.

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