Old Guy Speedball Tips!

by Ed
(Colton Oregon)

I'm 46 years old and I've paintballed for over 20 years as a rec player, and only recently (last 3 years or so) have I played speedball. Here are my old guy speedball tips:

One thing I have noticed most guys run straight lines to the next bunker and seem to rely on speed and timing.

Not having the speed I once had when I break cover to advance I will angle forward left or right to align a bunker usually the one I'm going to so as the bunker blocks my opponents view and thus his potential shot window is shortened and in the event he steps out from his cover I realign my path to keep the bunker in between myself and the guy trying to get a hit on me, some times this allows me to get further up field than originally planned.

One other note if your team mate knows you are making this move sometimes the guy shooting at you will step out in the open to get you and forgets about your cover fire.

I should mention you need to take into consideration the activity of the other guys on the opposing team and what they are doing as to not get shot, any ways this is a risky move but isn't that what wins?

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