Packing For An All Day Paintball Excursion

by Throwin Paint

As an emphatic Paintball newbie I have been trying to pick up any tips to make my experience better. One of which is how and what to pack for an all day adventure at the park.

Paint - Forget carrying boxes and loose bags of paint. Tired of spilling paint between games and watching your money roll away? Try taking an oversized plastic bottle of laundry detergent and filling it up with a case of paint before you leave to play. They have ready made nozzles for easy pouring and a handle to carry throughtout the day. Or, better yet, ask around for spare pods until you collect enough to hold your necessary amount of paint and just reload your belt after each round.

Mask - Bring a small spray bottle of clean water. Go to your local Wal Mart or Target and puchase a $3 pack of large micro fiber towels for cleaning cars. The spray breaks up the paint on your mask and the large towel is ideal for wiping it clean.

Extras - Bring a couple of rags for big paint splats, or paper towels. Always pack water and a snack. On hot days bring a small bag of ice for later. Bring spare tools for adjustments. Pack a couple of spare o-rings.

I have used some or all of these paintball tips this past summer and it has decreased the amount of time I need between games. In return I have a more clear idea of what I want to do next and am always ready to go shoot someone instead of loading and cleaning my equipment.

Good Luck

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