Tips On Paintball Accessories

Paintball accessories and what you need...

The game of paintball is very much technology oriented. Quite a few equipments are required to participate in a paintball game. A player with better equipments will definitely have an advantage over the player with less advanced equipments. This is precisely the reason why players run after quality paintball accessories. It is to be understood that a paintball game demands a lot of skill.

paintball marker

To win a paintball game you must be very familiar with the equipments that are to be carried to a paintball field. In the market there are hundreds of paintball equipments produced by different companies that look more or less similar to each other. There are, however, negligible difference in terms of quality and performance but it can prove to be decisive enough.

Paintball accessories: indispensable companion

There are things that every paintball player needs but forgets to avail them because it is not directly related to the game. Doubtlessly paintball accessories enhance the performance of the players. Marker case is one such extremely important accessory. Although it is not useful on the field, it definitely enhances on-field performance by taking care of the paintball marker off the field. Marker cases can be of different designs but the objective of every marker case is the same. It not only holds the marker in place, its extra gear and handle helps to carry the marker.

The main marker compartment is usually padded for protection and a lot of additional pockets with zippers always help in organizing small things like paintball mags. Velcro closers, help in easy accessibility. A paintball marker must follow some specifications like the speed at which the paintball must travel after leaving the barrel. Unless a proper marker is used, a player will not be allowed to take part in the game. paintball chronograph A chronograph is therefore very important equipment. This small piece of equipment will tell you the speed of the paintball that you have fired.

Useful things to carry

Small things that we often tend to ignore, sometimes become significant enough to be given a thought. One such thing is paintball marker barrel glove. This is protective equipment that ensures nobody gets hurt if the gun is accidentally fired. There are other small equipments that a player must carry to ensure his own safety. A proper neck guard is a must for every paintball player. This is often the most vulnerable part of a player, as it lies bare between the shirt and the mask. It should be made of 5mm thick neoprene and must have soft padding to prevent rash. For a game that involves lot of crawling and movement along the ground, injury to elbow and knee are a common phenomenon. These two paintball accessories are very much used to avoid unnecessary injuries.

Other useful paintball accessories

Headgear like head rags or headbands are very much in vogue. It is not popular just because it is fashionable. It serves some purpose too. Headbands prevent sweat from entering the goggles and fogging it in the process.

paintball neck guard

The gun oil keeps the marker lubricated when not in use and all the components of the gun function smoothly whenever it is used even after a long lay off. An accessory like this are necessary and help a player to perform to his potential.

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