Paintball Air Compressors for Sale - Why Use CO2 Systems When You Can Have This?

Paintball air compressors, compressed air, and co2: The carbon dioxide systems that many people use to play paintball are notably unreliable. These days, they are being replaced completely by Nitrogen or Compressed Air System. You can get these from all sport shops that have hoardings saying "paintball compressors for sale", which help you compress your own air.

One of the reasons the paintball air compressor is becoming so popular is that it is very reliable and easy to use. Most paintball compressors (for example, the paintball compressor products sold by Bauer) come in different types like Player, Field, Team and Shop, according to the people who are going to use them.

paintball air compressor

Some of the best paintball compressors for sale are:

  • Fast 90C-E1 that provides up to 5000-PSI air. This is becoming very popular with paintball teams and is considered one of the best in the market.
  • 35 series, which includes the AC95535 paintball compressor.
  • These paintball compressors are developed and marketed by the American Airworks Company.

Filling a paintball gun with carbon dioxide has become almost completely obsolete these days. There is no denying the fact that the high compressed air and nitrogen gas have replaced carbon dioxide and this in turn has increased the quantity of the paintballs you can shoot at a time. The highly compressed gas used in a paintball compressor relieves the burden of dealing with carbon dioxide, which had created apprehension of suffering from bad health due to its use.

Bauer manufactures quality paintball compressors and is one of the pioneers in the field of paintball air compressors and air processing systems. Each of the paintball compressors for sale by Bauer includes a high-pressure air processing system for pure, hygienic, dry, high-pressure compressed air that won't freeze or foul the air system on markers.

Besides these paintball air compressors for sale, there are also accessory items like storage systems and fill panels, which are in great demand. Tournament air systems like high-pressure compressors, storage and fill panels make tank fills a self-service which is extremely convenient for the player. Bauer is no doubt one of the best choices for all levels of paintball and is used exclusively at some of the world's most popular fields, stores and tournaments. It is one of the few companies that offer trusted and durable paintball compressors for sale.

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