Paintball Awareness

by David M. Lowe

Be very aware and don't get tunnel vision. Always have a clear goal: hanging that flag.

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Mar 23, 2009
by: john oneill

I dont care who you are(unless your a pro) the best tip anyone can give is just one "big" word, intimidation. i got an A-5, 16in. thunderpig barrel, and a collapsable stock. i was screwing round one day made a make-shift suppressor(silencer) took it to the feild(its a local feild so they didnt care) now this one only like the 5th time id ever played but i never let other people know that i acted like no big deal done this 100 times before and they all freaked out about the way my gun looked. all but 2 people on my team got out and there was 6 on the other team, so not knowing wat i was doing i jumped up and sprinted the other end of the feild tagged 4 of them in the back as they ran away my teammate got the 5th and as i round a bunker looking for the 6th player someone jumped up from were i just ran and shot me in the nipple like 10 times then my friend tagged him. So yea intimidation WORKS!!!

Sep 12, 2007

by: Tyler

Very good tip. May want to include tips for avoiding tunnel vision. Just a suggestion

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