Why Paintball Backmen Anchors Your Team

In soccer, the equivalent of paintball backmen positions might be the sweeper.

And they both play an important role in defense and offense. The backman plays a very important role in the victory of the team. Paintball backmen can see the entire field, so they are assigned the role to make strategies that will anticipate and counter the opponent team. A good paintball backman should have some basic skills.

Awareness: This is a must for every paintball backman. He should know what is going on in the field and keep an eye on the enemy to see where they are planning to move. They also should know where their teammates are and where they are planning to move. Since paintball backmen have a to keep an eye on the field they need to use bunkers to shield themselves from fire.

Communication: A backman should have a good voice as they have to communicate with the front and mid players. They should be screaming out the position of the opposition to the teammates. The backmen should warn the front and the mid players about the danger. The paintball backmen should also anticipate the enemy movements and lead the fire in that direction.

  • The different types of paintball backmen are the lobber, the sniper, the changer, the coverman and the mover.

  • The Lobber: the lobber stays at the back and lobs up lot of paint at the opposition. He often eliminates the opponent by shear volume of paint. He keeps the opposition worrying about getting hit. But the disadvantage is that the lobber may run out of ammunition.

  • The Sniper: The sniper shoots very less but accurate. He lets the front and mid players distract the opposition so he has a chance to shoot and the only disadvantage is that they don't get any cover fire.

  • The Changer: The changer is a kind of player who changes his position according to the situation. He has the ability to be backman, frontman or a mid player.

  • The Coverman: His basic job is to give cover fire to teammates.

  • The Mover: This is a dangerous of all paintball backmen as he moves back and forth on the field making the opponent nervous about moving forward.

The backman is an underrated position because it requires a good feel for the game, anticipation, and physical prowess. They anchor your team. And if you have a weak backman, you have a weak team.

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