Paintball Basics For New Players...

Here are some paintball basics...

1. C02 works better in warmer weather. A siphon tank will make your gun work better in cold weather. But won't help you in warm weather.

2. If you are a novice start with lower priced or used equipment.

3. Do not linger and hide in an open area for a long time.

4. Wear paintball clothes that cover arms, legs, ankle, and neck.

5. Do not shoot from a distant area. You will simply show where your position is. Get closer to your opponent and then shoot.


More Paintball Basics...

6. Don't shoot your paintballs randomly. Use them wisely.

7. A good position is gold.

8. Be patient and quiet.

9. Be sure you know where your allies are.

10. Get a good idea as to where your enemies are.


Paintball Basics: 5 Game Strategies

1. Never get "pinched." In other words, don't let the enemy shoot at you from either side.

2. Try to sneak up on your opponent from behind.

3. Don't shoot unless you have cover immediately at your disposal.

4. Communication with your team will create efficient plans of attack.

5. Try outnumbering the enemy and overwhelm them.


If you want to become a good paintball player and have fun learning, I recommend this DVD. Also, read these intermediate paintball strategies. Some players may even consider them to be basic too, but I've played with players who have been playing for 10 years and still don't even know all the basics.

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