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Paintball bunkers basically fall into two categories: the homemade kind and the inflatable kind that you can buy online or at a retail outlet. Inflatable bunkers have come into vogue lately simply because they don't mess up the paintball field the way bunkers constructed out of found materials as corrugated cardboard do.

paintball bunker Inflatable paint ball bunkers are also portable and allow you to design a paint ball field in any location.

Still, some would say that part of the fun of organizing a game of paintball is designing the field using bunkers that have been created from scratch. Almost any material will do when it comes to constructing a homemade paint ball bunker.

Bunkers can be constructed from towers of tires or stacks of barrels. They can be built from plywood, logs, mounds of dirt, piles of sandbags, old garbage cans and large recycling containers.

If the paintball field you are designing is more permanent, paintball bunkers can also be constructed from old car parts, old holding tanks and anything that is fiberglass and stands upright.

As long as it is big enough for a player to hide behind it, just about anything can be used to make your own paintball bunker. However, we don't suggest using anything live from nature, such as a hollow tree or large rock, simply because it is a negative ecological practice. Mother Nature is taking enough hits from the activities of mankind without the addition of random splashes of paint.

However, wooden logs can be used to create a series of more permanent paintball bunkers. Logs are attractive, cheap, sturdy and in the end you don't end up with a paintball field that looks like a salvage scrap heap.

However one drawback of using logs is the field is not that portable and you could be hauling a lot of logs around just to play one game of speedball or hyperball.

With speedball or hyperball, the idea is to keep things interesting by constantly changing the course. This is where the use of inflatable paintball bunkers can be a great asset to your game.

There are many different kinds of inflatable paintball bunkers for sale on the Internet and at retail outlets. Depending on the brand, they run from about $70.00 to $200 each.

No matter how tempting it is, never use any kind of hut, tree fort or playground equipment as a paintball bunker. Avoid any kind of structure that a player can walk inside or climb on top of. For instance an old playground slide would make a lousy paintball bunker, even though at first glance it seems that the top of the slide would offer the ideal vantage point from which to survey the field.

There are many reasons why this is not an advantageous structure. First of all, ladders and ramps have a way of trapping the player at the top of the edifice, which is not worth the opportunity to survey the playing field. There is also the risk of ambush from other players as well as falls from the top of the structure. Structures such as huts, forts and houses are dangerous simply because it lends the paintball player a false sense of security.

Once inside a playhouse or similar protective structure, players are often tempted to take their paintball goggles off and clean them. This can be very dangerous as the player is out of sight of the referee (who usually reminds a player to put the goggles back on) but maybe in sight of another player who could blast them with paint.

When it comes to paintball bunkers there is one rule of thumb: A paintball bunker is a structure that is intended to be played around and not inside or through.

The ideal bunker is always a pillar shape that is large enough to conceal a player, portable enough to change the course and disposable enough to throw away after the game is finished.

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