Paintball Camouflage Tips

by wes
(New Albany, IN)

I cant believe no one has mentioned the importance of camouflage in paintball. I wear camo all the time. I will never go into the field without camo on. You can rent camo overalls from almost every pball field out there. Now you don't have to a wear head to toe gillie suit, or go invisible like the Predator, but you do need to at least cover the largest parts of your body, such as your torso and legs. Besides not even the best camo can make you disappear, it only breaks up your body shape. So a player with a keen eye will spot you every time. You also have to stay low and quiet if stealth is your objective.

Of coarse some camouflage is better than others and you have to pick the right camo for your environment. For example, the new digicamo may be the best camo ever developed, because it breaks up your body shape at more distances than the old tiger stripe/woodland camouflage, which was more effective in close-quarters combat such as Vietnam jungles. But in most paintball situations you are mid to long range (comparatively) to your opponent, and ANY digicamo is perfect for this situation. As far as Realtree goes, well...its good for tricking deer who use their sense of smell first and sight second, but not very good against humans who have keener eyesight than deer.

If your field is in the tropics and you have alot of dirt/sand around then you want to choose something with a little more brown in it like desert camouflage. If your in the woods (and most of you are) digicamo works best but the old woodland pattern will work in a pinch. If your in an urban environment...well your choices get a little tricky, and nothing is perfect in urbans, but the camo that the army now wears is definitely a good choice.

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Aug 22, 2011
Camo for use in Paintballl in NSW
by: Kevin

Our own AUSCAM camo, also known as "hearts and bunnies" or "jelly beans" abroad was designed for "Australian terrain." But what is meant by Australian terrain is the semi arid conditions of our country which makes up the majority of Australia. There is an element of desert and rocky terrain taken into account in Auscam (which is itself derived from WW II era USA "duck hunter" camo.)

If you are paintballing in NSW in woodland terrain then AUSCAM is actually slightly inefficient. As with any woodland terrain, the bush is very green in winter and browner in summer.

THE BEST CAMO TO USE FOR THE AUSTRALIAN BUSH (NSW Coastal etc) is .... German Flecktarn.

German Flecktarn has been around for years and is designed for "temperate woodland conditions." This is EXACTLY the Australian coastal regions where we have a lot of bush.

Use Auscam where it is meant: semi arid terrain of Australia. Use German Flecktarn for the Aussie bush.

It is easy to get. Surplus German clothing is cheap and available all over the Internet. If you want a chest rig or a plate carrier, there are a couple of very major international suppliers of those accessories in German Flecktatn. Easy to get. Worth evey penny you pay!

Jul 01, 2011
Camo in Paintball
by: Kevin

There are a few key camos that are worth considering.

US WOODLAND has been around for years and is good for close quarters in a forest environment. Pretty much universal. It has lasted the test of time.

DIGITAL WOODLAND the commercial version of MARPAT (US Marines digital camo inspired originally by the Canadians who first came up with digi-camo) is supposedly better than this for the reason that the pixels help break up your shape.

FLECKTARN - this is an excellent camo based on "spots" rather than "blocks" of digi camo and is a modification and perfection of the camos the Germans thoroughly researched and developed in WWII. Great in greenery and heavy foliage and excellent for close quarters as well as distance.

ACU or UCP "Universal Camouflage Pattern" - the grey-green pixelated monstrosity used by the USA Army since 2004 until 2011 is now acknowledged as a failure and is being replaced by MULTICAM. It was supposed to "adapt" and "blend" with different lighting conditions, so they said. It has limited use in a quarry or stoney environments merely because the colour is close to the colour of that sort of environment. In the forest/bush it is as useless as tits on a bull. UCP is a big joke. Anyone saying it is good has an overactive imagination.

MULTICAM - this is the newest camo being used by US and UK forces and now many other countries are following suit. It is not digital and it has done well in tests. It is a comboniation of old style Woodland and German Flecktarn (dots not blocks) and it looks pretty nice. Genuine MultiCam is made by CRYE PRECISION in the USA. Cheaper knockoffs are available from China/Hong Kong manufacturers which tend to look a bit different by having a kind of "ghosting" effect than the real stuff. Search ebay for stuff from Hong Kong. MultiCam is supposed to be the best for most terrains, they say.

DPM - Disruptive Pattern Material is a UK version of US Woodland and uses more of a brush stroke effect than the blobs used in Woodland. many countries have adopted DPM. I works well, they say.

TIGERSTRIPE. Asian camo which became popular from its appearance and use in the Vietnam War. USA, Australian and New Zealand Special Forces in Vietnam wore this camo and it is renowned for being excellent for close quarter combat. It;s home is really Thailand and it is the Thai camo that people today usually go for, if they are not particularly trying to recreate a Vietnam impression. The latest (2010 - ) US Air Force combat uniform uses a digitalized version of Tigerstripe in the horrible colours of UCP!

Aug 26, 2010
Camo help
by: Taylor "Kahuna" Schnell

I definitely agree with the above comment. Too many times have I been playing where I take a quick scan of the bush and see some bright blue thermal lenses or a shiny speedball gun or a hopper sticking up out of the bush, even if I can't see anything else. And, since there aren't usually that many hopper-trees around my field, I usually use their problem to my advantage. A simple solution is just camo taping up shiny objects! Camo tape is easily available at almost any sporting goods store, and is a quick cheap fix to reflection. Also, look for a gun with a matte paint in something like an olive green or a black, simply darker colors. These will help you blend in alot better.

Apr 07, 2010
by: adam

camo is deffinetly an advantage in woodsball. but also having a good camo mask and a black or camo gun helps too. i play woodsball, and lots of guys wear full camo but they have bright colored masks and neon colored guns or barrels. having camo clothing is only affective if all of your substance is hidden. good tip on the digi camo. i still need to get a camo outfit and will consider the digi.

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