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So you want a paintball career but where do you start? What will you do exactly? What follows is some information on the various aspects of getting into paintball as a store, shop, field, and other paintball related matters.

When it comes to a career, you have the option of working for someone else or starting your own paintball related business.

The first area to consider is in the area of getting a JOB. If this word does not scare you, then here are few paintball career job ideas:

  • Paintball Technician: work for a paintball shop and work on paintball guns and equipment
  • Paintball Manufacturers Representative: work for a manufacturer and sell their gear to large distributors. You have to be good at prospecting and sales for this job. But it can be rewarding.
  • Paintball Referee: This is self explanatory. Just contact field owners and see how you can apply.
  • Paintball Company Man or Woman: Every successful paintball company needs everything from a mail room person and janitor, accountants, all the way up to a VP of operations. You'll need a degree to get on the fast track. But if you don't have a degree you can contact the human resource departments and sell yourself on why they should hire you for a paintball career position with their company.

For specific tips on getting a paintball jobs read this.

Maybe the most desireable paintball career is becoming a business owner. Among your options for opening a paintball business are having a real store with paintball products. Sporting good of every kind can make a business where there is enough demand. Of course globally there is more demand yet so an online paintball store isn't a possibility to overlook either. Other avenues into the sport as a career include training, repair, and even coaching.

It wouldn't be hard to open a paintball repair shop in your home, or even in your garage. Of course a business location may look better, though can also be more costly. The hardest part will be bringing the work to your location to be done. Once they walk in, you can repair their problem gear, which they will pay you for. Your initial investments will be marketing (including web marketing), and the tools you need to repair the equipment.

Retail sales of used paintball gear and markers: This can be very easy if you know how to use the internet. You can find some of the greatest deals to buy up used stuff online. CraigsList, eBay, are among many other sources you can shop around. The other side of it, is selling what you have bought, at a profit. You may find this much easier face to face, though it is also possible remarketing things on other venues can be quite profitable as well. Get busy buying and selling to make it work!

Yet another unique angle in the paintball career arena is becoming a paintball travel agent. While many flood to the Bahamas (and have many agents to choose from), it's a little bit harder to find organized trips/tours of paintball gaming experiences. Though there are people looking. Wouldn't it be nice to make some from simply making their adventures the greatest they'd ever imagined, and then even improve on that over time as they return for more? Opportunities exist in this through commissions you may be able to receive for various parts of the travelers agenda. This may even be more profitable when aiding teams that really take their paintball serious.

And finally you can start any combination of the above such as a store that sells new or used paintball gear, and sell it locally and online to boot. With a move mixed approach you might be able to capitalize on a bigger part of the picture while aiding many to have some extreme fun, with reasonable safety in the right hands. Keeping a physical business location will definitely help you look more professional and business like, as well as give you better wholesale opportunities.

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