What Paintball Clothes To Wear

The most important paintball clothes to wear are -- A paintball mask (I know, a paintball mask is not clothes per se, but it's part of the whole "package" you need.)


Tip: You may want to wear a baseball hat underneath your mask for additional protection. You should also eliminate open skin areas, unless you are really brave. Sometimes it's so hot you may want to risk it i.e. paintball shorts, short sleeves (but I warn you, it'll sting more). In terms of paintball clothes, covering your whole body is a good idea, especially wearing long pants and long sleeve shirts that are relatively strong in material, are a good idea because this way you can slide, dive, crouch, and roll without scraping yourself up to bad.

Paintball Clothes Tip: Wear baggy paintball clothes. Baggy paintball clothes allow you to move easier including important moves like crouching and quick sprinting. Also, baggy clothes help reduce the impact of paintballs and therefore reduce potential bruises. Plus, it's less likely to break (the paintball that is) which is a bonus. A pare of baggy cargo pants are an inexpensive route to take. Later on you can invest in some specialty paintball gear like pants, shirts, chest protection, shoes, etc..

Paintball Tip: Consider layering your clothes, but not so much that you get too hot and/or dizzy from heat. Try wearing light sweat pants or leggings or even long johns underneath your baggy clothes. This layering of clothes simply provides a little more skin protection. Wear dark clothes or camouflage if you are playing in the woods.

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Paintball Tip: Wear paintball shoes with dark soles and material. Often you foot will show a bit and you don't want white or even neon colored shoes showing behind a tree. Also, try not to wear clothes with metal fastener's and zippers...they can stick into you if you dive and land hard. Paintballs are also more likely to break when they hit these surfaces.

Since you are on your feet a lot of the time, wearing a good pair of shoes is important. You should wear shoes that provide ankle protection and also have decent cushioning. You'll be doing some diving and quick sprinting, landing hard, and more. So be sure to have shoes that can grip and handle aggressive maneuvering. Light duty hiking boots are good for starters.

Some paintballers wear soccer cleats or football cleats (for the ankle protection.) Not a bad idea, I think I'll try it! If you are a little more experienced, brave, and maybe a little more aggressive than your average paintballer, it's time to move past your average clothes and invest in chest protection, elbow and knee pads, shin pads, jock strap or cup (for men and boys), and there are even padded bras for women. Also, I recommend neck protection.

Here. I did a custom search for you on Ebay for paintball clothes Let me know what you think. I love Ebay. Just be sure you buy from people who have a good track record for selling on Ebay...

I've seen people get hit right in the throat and to the side of the throat and it's a scary site. For more tips, reviews, and advanced stuff for paintballers get up for our free special mini course: Paintball Success Tips.

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