The Importance of Paintball Elbow Pads!

Paintball elbow pads are not always the best piece of equipment for a paintball game. But they certainly are a luxury for long matches, or aggressive speedball tournaments.

Paintball is a massive game that many enjoy on a weekend and even for business team building events. Paintball is a brilliant way to keep fight while having fun and getting to enjoy the outdoors, if you have never tried paintball then it is something to really think about as you're certain to enjoy the experience.

Imagine the scene, your in a crack team of paintball soldiers and in front of you is an occupied building of opposing forces with more behind in their base. You and your team formulate a plan on what you're going to do then spring the plan into action hoping that no one gets splattered in paint during the melee that ensues.

Yes paintball is a very special game but there is many important factors that need to be thought about when going to play paintball with the most important being your safety.

There are many different pieces of safety equipment you need to play paintball from heavy duty clothing to a strong face mask, but there is one piece of equipment that always gets overlooked and this is paintball elbow pads.

Paintball elbow pads don't necessarily protect from balls of paint splattering you but they do protect you from the harsh environment you can find yourself in. If you think about rolling fields and wooded areas you don't think of danger but when you're being fired upon and your instincts take over you will find yourself diving for cover in the most unlikely of places and this is where elbow protection will come in.

Elbow pads are one of the most important of paintball safety features because of the positions and movements you make during an all out paintball fight, without them you can risk injury and have less confidence in the movements you make. Although many people tend to overlook elbow pads anyone who has been playing paintball for an intermediate to advanced level of time will tell you they are essential.

Whether you're diving behind a fallen tree trunk or into a hedgerow, or maybe into a ditch you never know what may be there that can be a safety concern so protecting your limbs is important. While you can't very well protect yourself with full body armour there are areas that need protecting more than others and the elbows are one of these areas, so for this reason don't forget paintball elbow pads next time you go to play paintball.

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