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Want to own your own paintball equipment and gear? Not sure what you should buy? Which equipment is necessary and which is helpful but not required? Let's review the basics.

One important piece of paintball gear you will find very necessary is your paintball mask. Be sure that the one you buy fits comfortably; you will likely be wearing it for long periods of time. Never, ever play without your mask. Your mask will probably be the most affordable piece of paintball equipment that you must have.

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Another must have piece of paintball equipment to buy is your gun or marker. Take the time to carefully research the models available, especially in the price range that you can afford. Many guns are $150.00 or less. But, review all models and do not make a hasty purchase. Your marker is an investment. When purchasing a gun, make sure that a manual is included. You will need the manual when it comes time to clean your gun. Most paintball guns will also include an Allen wrench set. If not, you will want to purchase a set before your first cleaning. One other supply to keep on hand for your gun is extra o-rings. O-rings will need to be replaced often and will prevent air leakage.

Gun accessories and paintball supplies that you should be willing to purchase include a barrel plug or barrel sock, an air supply, CO2 or Nitro, and a hopper. A barrel plug or barrel sock will prevent paint from being accidentally fired out of your gun. When choosing an air supply as part of your paintball equipment, most recreational players will use a CO2 tank. More serious or tournament players will choose a nitro or high pressure air (HPA) supply. HPA's will provide greater shot accuracy, greater shot volume and are lighter weight than a CO2 supply. But, HPA's are, on the average, more expensive than a CO2 supply. Finally, a hopper is the apparatus that feeds paintballs into your gun. For a gun that has a rate of fire of 12 bps or less, a 200 round hopper will suffice. However, if your rate of fire is more than 12 bps, you will need to find a hopper that has a larger capacity.

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Safety paintball equipment that is not necessary, but is a good idea for all players include in their arsenal are neck guards, a cup for male players, shin guards, elbow pads and gloves. A neck guard will prevent those terribly painful shots to the neck. Neck guards are lightweight and wrap around you neck. While you can usually keep yourself protected, a cup will keep you from receiving a really inconvenient shot when running through the playing field. Now, if you are a player who is not afraid to get down and dirty to get the perfect shot or avoid an opposing shot, you will benefit from the protection that shin guards, elbow pads, paintball knee pads and gloves will provide you.

The last paintball equipment or gear you may want to purchase is your paintball clothing. What to buy will depend on several factors. Where you are playing, the season or temperature and how much pain you wish to prevent will determine the type and look of the clothing you will need for your game. Whether it is camo or cotton, be sure you know what the forecast for the day will be and the type of course you will be playing.

So, whether your money is burning a hole in your pocket or you are just a little tired of renting all your equipment each time you play, always spend some time researching your gear before making the investment.

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