Paintball Field Position

by Mathish
(Sri Lanka)

As a new paintball team, we had lot of problems handling things like: where we should go and what position we should play in. Through practice we discovered the best field positions (amature level).

For example, in a seven man paintball match, it is vital for you to play 3 front 4 back style. This means that there should should be cross shooting all the time. As a new team we were told to play 4 in front and 3 in back. But we soon discovered that this will put more pressure on the front players since their survival is crucial. It also exposed more of our front to the enemy than we thought.

In any paintball game the snake is a vital aspect. The guy who has both speed and good reflexes should play it.

Next, the middle guy, he should have good vision on what is going on in both sides of the field (left and right). This does not mean that he will have to expose himself in order to do so, but he should know whats going on on both sides.

Next is the guy in the corner (he is like the snake guy), and should be really fast and should have good reflexes, or they will be shot in the break.

Good aim is very necessary in paintball, and it is also very important for you to shoot from the word go. I mean, not the guys who are running to the front, but the other 4 people should start shooting at the opposite bunkers, like the enemy entrance of the snake and the other corners. This will prevent the enemy from getting to those paintball bunkers at the start, and this will give your front men more space to advance into enemy territory, and the even shoot off enemies with ease.

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Oct 31, 2015
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by: Funderburk

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Sep 14, 2007
RE: Anonymous
by: Matt

What he was said is that it would put MORE pressure on the front players. Now since we all know that they are already going to get pounded hard, you need to do what you can to take as much pressure off of them as possible, not add to it. That was very sound advice. You should have a guy though that can easily move more to the front once you have the first three set, in my opinion. That is just my opinion, and works well with the guys that I play. Team dynamics should control most of your strategy. There is more than one good strategy. Most importantly know your guys. A defensive type team can not win the same way an offensive type team does.

Sep 12, 2007
Good Info...
by: Anonymous

I have a question and a comment.

First, "But we soon discovered that this will put more pressure on the front players since their survival is crucial."

I am not sure if I understand what he is saying here. I am pretty sure that it is accepted that your fronts are gonna get smoked. It is a question of them getting done what they can get done before they get marked.

Is the author saying that putting too many fronts is bad because of this fact and now you can't just accept them getting marked?

My comment would be about a snake player. I get the point that you want a fast guy so that he can actually get there, hopefully off the break.

However, just want to point out that if you have one really fast guy, but another guy that is a significantly better gun fighter, you may be better off figuring out a tactic to get the gun fighter in the snake. You pretty much want your best gun fighter in the snake if it is at all possible.

Oh, I have one more comment:
Read the last paragraph again. That is gold information right there. You need rollers who can sweet spot hard and you need runners who do nothing but move.

Sep 10, 2007
Thanks For The Tips
by: Brian

Excellent paintball advice Mathish! These are very usefull and helpful tips.

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