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A bit of advice on paintball fields.When paintball was first invented as a game it was played in the woods. Not in a field.

Nowadays, more and more specialized fields are being built. This is because of the growing popularity of the game and the necessity of these fields to be more exciting.

Just imagine a huge place with a lot of sieges and barriers that are perfect for hiding. Imagine the feeling, when you don't know where your opponent is, and the fear of being watched and aimed at. In order to achieve some degree of this feeling, the obstacles and other structures are not put in a maze, but placed in such a way that players have to run from one to another in order to compete on the paintball field.

paintball fields

Different fields have different sizes and different types of scenarios, such as western towns, facade villages, abandoned buildings, junkyards and many others.

Good paintball fields have their own atmosphere, which will make your game more exciting. This is achieved mostly by the variety of brightly colored and different sized towers, bunkers, forts, wrecked machinery (like tractors and trucks), tires, thick woods and many others. Some of them are really huge, but others can be 'used' for hiding behind them.

There is also a modern and newly invented type of obstacles... the inflatable.

inflatable paintball bunker

They vary in size and color and all sorts of forms. For example, huge snakes cones, gorillas, or even bunkers.

The inflatables are becoming more and more popular. Their advantage is that they are safe and very easily moved, and of course, much more forgiving when a person runs into them. They not only look nice and fresh for the players, but make the fields appearance really professional, which is very important for those who run it, because the better it is, the more people will be attracted and satisfied in the games on their fields.

So, after mentioning all the things

used for making a field have a perfect look, it’s time for the other parts that make a field successful. There is a large variety of paintball fields all over the world and almost every one of them can provide you with the necessary paintball gear to play paintball.

This paintball gear includes and is not limited to: Goggles (face mask), paintball clothing, paintball guns (or markers) and paintballs. Of course you can take your own gear onto most if not all fields. There also should be restrooms for men and women and snack-bar when you need to recruit your strength in the pauses between the games.

One really important thing is the number of fields in one paintball complex. The more, the better!

Of course, there are other things that a field can have or not have, but these were the most important ones.

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