Paintball Flanking And Winning

by Lucas Holstine
(Indiana, US)

flanking mission

flanking mission

The key to winning a good paintball game is the flanks. The battle is always won or lost on the firefights near the sidelines. Weather if its the snake in speedball or just a pile of sticks in the woods, YOU HAVE TO CONTROL THE FLANKS!! It also helps if there is more than 1 person on that bunker. If 1 person controls it right away, then gets shot trying to hold the flank, the mission is a fail. It is always nice to have at least 2 or 3 guys holding it. If I am the captain of my team in woodsball, I always put 2 fast guys to control each flank with a gunner or sniper providing cover for them. I have never lost a game of paintball with this strategy. It really works. Trust me.

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