4 Paintball Games Online

If you like video games some paintball games online are worth checking out.

Online paintball games are great if you don't have time for a real game, or you cannot afford going to a paintball field. This way you can simply sit in front of your computer and play one of the hundreds paintball online.

As there is a huge variety you probably won't know which one to choose. And this article will not tell you which game is the best, or which one is the worst. It won't recommend you buy a particular game.

Paintball games online that are easy to find are Renchie's Virtual Paintball, WDP Online VR Game, Jaeger's web Paintball Game and Intergalactic paintball.

First of all, you should know that paintball games online are divided into two categories, according to their price: Free and paid. And, of course, those paintball games onine that are free are more popular.

Most of the games are team oriented, but there are also some in which you play against everyone.

In Jaeger's Web Paintball Game you have to capture the opponent's flag. When you start playing you are given a standard semi-automatic gun, goggles and a loader, which is filled with unlimited amount of paintballs. And all you have to do is start playing.

The next one is High Velocity Paintball. This is multiplayer real time online game.

WDP Online VR Game has 2 scenarios. You can choose between Extreme Forest Paintball and Ultimate Arena. You can chooe from three types of the popular guns.

One game that has an interesting way of playing is Ranchie's Virtual Paintball-by e-mail. You are given all the positions that the other players have and everything you need in this e-mail, so don't get a wrong idea of the game. It may be an interesting battle.

And last but not least is Intergalactic paintball...paintball in outer space. You have to "paint" every alien or robot that crosses your way. It's kind of funny!

Here is where to get more free paintball games online.

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