Five Types Of Paintball Games

There are five types of paintball games (in my opinion).

Recreational: Recreational paintball-games consist of two teams. Each team has a flag (the flag is where each time begins the game). The main objective of each team is to capture the other teams flag and bring it back to your starting point (where your flag station is). That's one way to win. The other way to win is to eliminate the other team completely. Recreational paintball games are often played in the woods, maybe bunkers are involved, and various structures and buildings placed throughout the game field.

Recreational paintball games are fun, and the ideas you can come up with or participate in are many. For example a creative paintbal game that may be considered recreational paintball game is called President's Men. One person is the President (the president does not get a gun) and he or she has 4 or 5 special agents who have to protect him for a certain period of time dictated by the game.

paintball scenario games Scenario/Big Paintball Games: A scenario paintball game is a game with a theme behind it. The themes are endless and make the game feel more real (for many. Scenario games are not for everyone). You get the storyline (theme) usually the day before the game begins. The day of the scenario paintball game teams are divided into two teams and a General is the leader. The players are given roles and are expected to work together to win missions. Also, props are collected and introduced throughout the game. In addition, questions are asked of various team members having to do with the storyline and if the correct answer is given points are awarded.

As you can see, participation is important in Scenario paintball-games. Scenario/Big paintball games have a similar concept but these games can go on for hours. Even 24-hours. If you get shot you are not eliminated completely from the game. You have to sit out for a certain period of time dictated by the game and then you get to go back in.

At the end of the game points are added up for each team and the one with the most points wins. In this paintball game there are several hundred paintballers involved. Sometimes several hundred on each side. Hence the term "Big" Scenario paintball-games.

Backyard games: Backyard paintball games are exactly as they sound. You get together with a group of friends and make up your own game of paintball. Usually capture the flag. Sometimes these games take place on a friends property, other times a field is pirated (in other words, play on someone else land or property without permission. You should get permission.)

types of games Speedball: Speedball is played on a field made up with various large air-filled bunkers shaped like large soda cans, snakes, water tanks and doritos. Each team can vary from 3-10 players per game. One flag is in the center of the game field and two teams begin at opposite ends of the game field and try to get the flag and take it across the field to the their teams bunker. And if they do so they win. Speedball is also known as Center Flag.


Hyperball: Hyperball is similar to Speedball except the bunkers are often sewer pipes (plastic) and giant drainage pipes. Their are three different formats for game play. Capture the flag, elimination, or both. There is either a flag at each flag station for each team, or one flag in the middle (just like Center flag). You have to hang the flag on your your teams flag station, even if you eliminate the other team. This is important for tournaments because they award points for eliminating a team, pulling a flag, and hanging a flag. paintball games All paintball-games fall under these five categories (and to be honest, you could argue that there are other categories, or fewer. This is my take on it.) For example here is a quick look at several creative paintball-games you may participate in...

Bunny Hunt, Freeze Tag, Hostage Rescue, Run the Flag, JailBreak, Get the Bands, Old War, Prison, Terminator, and Presidents men we discussed above.

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